LTC Technology

Low Temperature Conversion

What is LTC?

The LTC technology (Low Temperature Conversion) further developed and patented by AGT is a thermo-catalytic extraction process in a closed system – without any external air supply, i.e. no combustion. Gentle heating to a conversion temperature below 700 °C (incinerators are 800-1200 °C) can produce a modified synthetic rich gas (quality equivalent to natural gas) with a consistently high calorific value. This rich gas is converted into electrical energy in turbine-generator stations. Likewise, conversion into fuel oils and fuels and even carbon nanotubes is possible. No toxic exhaust gases such as dioxins, furans, etc. are produced. Inorganic materials such as metals are not overheated – they pass through the system without producing pollutants.

Input material

A major advantage is the broad applicability of the LTC process to a wide variety of input materials that are regionally available, do not require decentralized processing, and don’t cause problems with regard to their disposal:

Advantages of the LTC process

High efficiency and high output

up to 4 megawatts of electricity/tonne depending on input material

Various outputs possible

Electricity, heat, hydrogen, synthetic fuels and even kerosene, activated carbon and carbon

Fast construction time and amortization

Low emissions

Modular construction

The plant size starts at one tonne of input/h and can be expanded as desired - even mobile plants would be possible, imagine e.g. the cleaning of the oceans and immediate recycling of waste.


Fully functional LTC plant

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