Powerful Technologies - In Harmony with Nature and Humanity

Platform features


Projects are decentralized via the blockchain and controlled by the community.


Innovative approaches make our projects stand out.

Market with a promising future

The utilized tokenization process is part of a billion-dollar tokenized market value. Leading companies of the financial market rely on tokenization as a financial instrument of the future.

Patented technology

The fact that all our implemented technologies are patented sets us apart from other projects.


We promise the highest quality programming. From conception to token launch.


Blockchain technology means that all movements can always be viewed transparently. Thus, the highest level of safety is guaranteed.

Current projects

Status: Implementation

Name: EverCraft Eco
Partner: AGT
Start: April 2023

Only sustainable technologies to produce highest quality carbon products like carbon nanotubes and graphene from waste – environmentally friendly and sustainable: LTC (Low Temperature Conversion) and ACA (Advanced Carbon Absorption).

Status: Evaluation

Name: TBA
Partner: TBA
Start: TBA

Sustainable technology to reduce free-floating trash in the ocean, with special focus on large trash patches.

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